This is my most fundamental belief – EVERYONE is here for something great. To be clear, greatness can be manifested in MANY different ways. HOWEVER…to realize your greatness you must be WILLING to:

risk being hurt
risk being criticized and ostracized
risk having your heart broken
risk losing a lot to gain everything

You must be WILLING to stand alone and be misunderstood. You will take arrows for sure. You may doubt yourself and you certainly will face paralyzing fear…but STILL you must remain steadfast. You may question your sanity and others definitely will do so. You have got to be willing to jump over obstacles and overcome challenges until they give in to your steely determination.

You have a unique combination of talent, skill, and personal qualities that can affect this world for good in a way that NO OTHER PERSON ever could or ever will. EVERYONE is here for something great but few people will realize that greatness.

God, The Universe, The Force, or Gravity…(Gravity???) whatever you believe in, is holding on your behalf an AMAZING potential to make this world better when you leave than it was when you got here.

How will you respond?

I don’t know about you…but I’M ABOUT TO ROCK!!!!!

Let’s Go!!!!