Just a few questions

Just a few questions

What if there is no heaven?

What if there is, but you wouldn’t like it when you get there?

What if there’s a hell and you would like it when you get there?

What if this life is all there is?

What if when you leave here, your soul, spirit, energy reunites with universal energy and you live on through those who come after you, the things you’ve done, or in the hearts of those who knew and loved you?

What if the real you, is the thought, or feeling, or energy of you?

What if, when you really get down to it, you never really die, you just reorganize?

What if depression is God calling you to your greatness?

What if autism is intellect on a higher order?

What if the knowledge of a certain death is a gift, if we could learn to use it to our advantage?

What if the voice of God is what you do every day?

What if there is no God?

What if YOU are God?

What if YOU are a part of God?

What if the only holy book you need is the journal that you write in and keep at the side of your bed?

What if a huge capacity to love was a requirement for all government officials?

What if we decided that good healthcare is what all righteous countries guaranteed to all their citizens?

What if all political parties dissolved, and the only concern of our elected officials was – what is good for the people?

What if violence could be loved away?

What if at the end of the day…LOVE IS ALL THERE IS?

What if bad things happen to good people is because good people can do something good about it?

What if your partner cheated on you to challenge you to leave and find a partner who would never cheat on you?

What if we are the only intelligent beings in the universe? What if we aren’t but the other beings will never come in contact with us?

What if you knew for sure that you are here for something great and you acted upon that belief with rock hard determination?

What if every thought and creative expression already exists?

If you could have any job or own any business what would that be?

If you didn’t know where you lived, where would you want to live?

If you didn’t know who you are, who would you be?

Here’s the thing…the life or world you desire just might be a question or two away from where you are right now.

One last question – what are your questions?

Stay Fly and Fly High