I believe in love, endless gazes, soft touches…and deep wet kisses. I believe in truth, even when it hurts. I believe in the goodness of man, and that time heals…most wounds.

I believe I have no limits, and neither do you. I believe our best days are yet to come….I believe in faith and optimism. I believe in trying one more time…perhaps in a slightly different way. I believe in laughter and tears and even rage from time to time.

I believe in sweet potato pie, fresh cut french fries, butter basted ribeye steak, and good bourbon. I believe in sex with the lights on and movies on the couch with the lights off.

I believe we are one and that our salvation is bound to embracing that eternal truth. I believe we are all much better and not quite as awesome as we think, but we can learn and grow to be more awesome than we ever thought possible. I believe in tenderness and steely determination.

I believe in dope hip hop joints, acoustic neo-soul, and love songs…I love love songs. I believe in God and that my best connection to God is a direct one. I believe we were all made the way we were on purpose and that the idea of perfection is very…imperfect.I believe that one day we will figure it all out, and when we do, hate and fear and lack and divisiveness will fade away…..

And only love will remain.