Novel By Ken Harge

Based on true events

The triumphant story of a man’s journey from utter failure to ultimate success.  Based on the true-life events of Ken Harge, an aspiring motivational speaker who has always believed that everyone is here for something great. Through this story we realize that the path to greatness may not always be a direct one.  Perseverance, faith, and sometimes therapy is needed to get to the heights of one’s potential as our protagonist learns all too well.

In the words of Ken “Everyone is here for something great”. However, few people realize their awesome potential.  This story shows that somewhere beyond the: difficulties, let downs, and less than ideal upbringing that greatness is within the grasp of everyone.



Ken Harge’s book “YAHFSG” is a compelling, interesting read. He has portrayed himself with raw honesty. As I read it, I was able to, at times, feel his security and pain, and also smile at his vulnerablility and mavel at his lessons learned. A good read worth your time!


K. Bartlett

A compelling read by an autodiadect with the power of candid introspection forged in the crucible of physical and psychic pain. Harge takes us along on his private, sometimes horrific journey, always with clarity, avoiding the maudlin, often with charm and wit. His inspiring message of hope and perseverance, and his humanity leap brilliantly from the pages.


T. Crosby-Williams

I feel like reading should bring you to the place the writer depicts and this book absolutely does that. His pain as a boy and sufferings as a man were all felt through the words he’s written. So honest and heart wrenching at times.


K. Quinn

Brave and inspiring!  Ken Harge’s first novel is an inspiring story of one man’s struggle to find his way. Ken writes with a clear and strong voice as he courageously tackles sensitive topics and family dynamics.

Author, Music Producer, Speaker, Playwright, PODCASTER

Ken Harge

Ken Harge is a Producer, Musician, and Songwriter who works with talented individuals and fast-growing companies to help them deliver their messages through recordings that tell powerful stories. He has never been one to shy away from sharing his diverse opinions and spent three years expressing those opinions on the “KLH TV Show” on Skye 13 CATV. He is also the creator of a one-man stage play and the author of “You Are Here For Something Great,” both of which are based on his philosophy that all people can access their awesome potential. You can find more of his thoughts and musings on his blog right on this site. His mission is to entertain and inspire others to realize their own greatness in all that he does. He credits all of his experiences as the launchpad for the work he is doing today.



You have a combination of talent, ability, or other qualities that can make the world  around you better in some kind of way.

 From the stage play and book “You Are Here for something great”

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