I pray that this brand-new year receives you with the open arms of love, possibility, and healing. May this be the year you move closer to a life that is abundant in every way you desire. Living with discipline can be challenging for sure. So, if you want to save money, change your diet or lose weight, start a business, or get through college classes, I pray that you will be able to break any goal you have into small manageable chunks, do what must be done, and feel the power of progress.

I hope that you will be able to love yourself. For some this may be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but it’s worth every effort you put towards it. From time to time just do something really nice for yourself. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Go to a restaurant, a movie, get a massage, or put together a kick ass outfit and go to a play all by your beautiful self. Trust me, you’ll feel the love.

May this year allow you to forgive someone who has done you wrong. Releasing the pain you carry is all about you. In forgiveness you put yourself in the morally excellent space of knowing you’re big enough to move on, regardless of what the other person does. You don’t have to like that person, you don’t even have to actually tell the person you’ve forgiven them. Just simply let it go. You deserve that peace.

I pray that you can look past the short comings of others, especially those you care about. Life is much less complicated when we drop the excess baggage of petty annoyances. May you see the good in others, and they in you. I hope you will know the joy of performing an unexpected act of kindness towards a stranger. Please buy a coffee for the person in back of you and just keep on walking. Mail a money order to a charity, drop some groceries or clothes at a homeless shelter. The recipients will feel great, but I guarantee that you will feel even better. Send a nice thought to a stranger on Facebook in their inbox, particularly if you know they are going through a difficulty of some kind. Your thoughtfulness will lighten their load and make your day.

I pray that you will realize the truth that you are here for something great. I hope you’ll allow your imagination to dream amazing technicolor dreams, and that you’ll find the courage to boldly go after whatever it is that your heart desires. You cannot hold a dream in your heart too big to be accomplished. I hope that you will run right up to the edge of your limits and then confidently crash through the walls that have held you back in the past.

May this be the year that you see yourself as worthy of love, even if your choice is to be single. May you break through the bondage of loneliness. May you be the friend or companion that you want to have. May you know the kiss of a lover, the handshake or embrace of a friend, touch is healing…reach out just reach out. Please know that love exists around you, and all you have to do is send out the signal that you have love to give. Love will find you, hang in there my friend.

I pray that you’ll spend some time out in nature. Look at some flowers, a sunset, walk on a beach or in a forest, marvel at birds, dogs, and cats as they frolic free of any concern. You can have that too, I pray that you will.

I pray that this year will be less divisive than last year. Everyone believes what they do for their own reasons. As smart as you are, you are not in sole possession of all facts, knowledge, and wisdom. Allow people the space to be who they are. Funny thing is, that will move them to do the same for you. May we find a way to respect each other even if we don’t agree with each other. Kindness, tolerance, and above all love will bring us much closer than political flame throwing, I hope we’ll find a way to do better.

I pray that men will be able to feel safe to be fully human. May we confidently embrace all of our emotions and learn to express them appropriately. May we find a way to walk away from violence and not engage in it. I pray that women will be treated as equal to their male counterparts and may all men respects women’s right to feel safe in any environment. I pray that sexual abuse of any kind be spoken out against and resisted by all of us.

This past year as all years we have lost a lot of dear souls. If you have been affected by the loss of a loved one, I pray that you will be able to gradually move forward into a healing space. I pray that you’ll be able to reflect on the good things they have done and the good times you shared, and that those wonderful memories will linger on your heart and bring warm smiles to your face.

If you have any business or vocational aspirations, I pray that you will find the determination and creative power you need to succeed in exactly the way you see it in your imagination. If you have health concerns, I pray that you find the medical expertise that you need and that you will be able to summon the healing power in your beautiful mind to work powerfully on your behalf.

I pray that this coming year will be your best year ever. May it be filled will more good than bad, more light than darkness, more happiness than sadness, huge helpings of mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, red velvet cake, colorful salads (???), love, full body hugs, kisses, and laughter.

For all these things and more I pray…AMEN.

Happy New Year and One Love…Really

Stay Fly and Fly High,